We have it all to make your event special!

Sky Room Special Event Center offer several amenities to accommodate your needs for your special night. Our event center includes all of the following amenities for you and your special guests in El Paso, Texas:

Grand Stairway

Walk down our beautiful and elegant stair case perfecto for grand entrances and beautiful pictures.

Beautiful Waterfall Feature

Our one of a kind waterfall features at Sky Room Special Event Center will guarantee to wow your guests and provide a beautiful backdrop for group photos.

Large Ball Room with High Ceilings

Dance the night away in our grand ball room built to accommodate all of your guests. Our high ceilings are beautiful and create the look of elegance for every event.

Powder Room Suite

Freshen up in our beautiful powder room to make sure you are picture perfect for your wedding or special event.

Kids Center

Featuring a jumping balloon gym to allow the younger kids to play and have during your event. Let the kids play and have fun while you enjoy your special event.

Security Team

At Sky Room Special Event Center, we provide a team of dedicated police officers to ensure the children and guest at every event is safe!

Friendly Staff

Our friendly staff is always standing by to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. Ask them anything and they will be happy to help!

Accessible Parking

Easily access our venues' parking lot for quick entry into our even center for every special occasion. We provide plenty of parking to accommodate all of your guests.

Refrigerated Air

Come into our cool and reenergizing center and enjoy the AC. Get out of the El Paso, Texas heat and stay comfortable in any climate with our top of the line AC.

Bar Space Available

At Sky Room Special Event Center, we provide a functional bar space so you can provide adult beverages for your guests (Please note that we do not provide alcohol to events).

Clean and Freshly Stocked Bathrooms

Our bathroom facilities are always clean and stocked for each event to provide your guests with the quality service to exceed your standards.

Kitchen Available For Caters

Have a favorite caterer in mind for your event? We have a functional kitchen for your cater to set up the food and serve it to your guests!

Do you need a beautiful cake for your event? As part of your package you will receive a custom cake for your special day for you and your guests!

Elegant Decorations

Leave the decor to us! Sky Room Special Event center will supply elegant and stylish decorations for your special event to impress all of your guests. Decorations are apart of your custom event package.

Limousine Service

No event would be completed with out personal limousine service. Ride in style to your event with our shuttle services included in your package!